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Resume of the 3rd SEERC Conference

Due to the world-wide pandemic of COVID19 and the restrictions by governments, the 3rd SEERC Conference was held as a short one-day online conference on the 30th of November.

Despite the situation about 120 people from the SEERC Region participated online to the very interesting and well prepared paper presentations.

I want to thank all of the authors, the session chairs, all supporters and the whole organization team for their effort in making this possible!


Also, during this online meeting my chairmanship of SEERC was handed over to Mr. İzzet ALAGÖZ of NC Turkey, who will chair SEERC for the next period of two years.

I enjoyed the time and work as chairman of SEERC and wish Mr. Alagöz all the best for his chairmanship and the following years in these challenging times.


Finally I want to announce, that a face-to-face SEERC event will be held from 30.05.2022 to 02.06.2022 in Vienna, Austria to hold all the sessions not suited for the online conference like the tutorials, keynotes, History Panel, Women in Energy, Next Generation Network, and of course the rest of the paper presentations.

I am optimistic that in May 2022 such an physical event can be hold again. The submitted papers are still valid, but can be updated if the authors wish so.

Further information will be provided on the SEERC website, the conference website and via mail in the following weeks.

Klemens Reich
Former Chairman of SEERC

SEERC History Book

In December 2020 new book was published at NC CIGRE Slovenia called »SEERC CIGRE HISTORY – Early electrification and empowerment of region where current electricity was born«, which was made with collaboration of National Committees of CIGRE region. The book brings answers on electrification of 17 countries, represents CIGRE history and activities of regional NC’s CIGRE.

Book price is 30€ plus shipping and handling. For more information please contact info@cigre-cired.si.

You can order your copy here: https://www.cigre-cired.si/en/book-seerc/